We bring you peace of mind with:

  • Affordable & controlled IT costs
  • Failure resilient monitoring
  • Rapid response times
  • Maximum business uptime

What are Managed IT Services?

Simply put, you have an IT service provider who takes care of your systems regularly instead of working on a break-fix model that can cause unexpected expenses.

Controlled Spending

It’s about controlling costs and avoiding expensive down time. Rather, than living in fear of an IT problem that can be very time consuming and costly to fix, managed services offers a predictable IT budget.  It’s easy for IT expenses to mount up when you face a major system outage. These are crises scenarios and can potentially put you out of business.

Proactive Management

With managed services, major problems are avoided and/or addressed before they get to the “crises” level. AZTechman will be proactive by implementing a remote notification and monitoring system.  AZTechman will work to prevent problems from cropping up by taking proactive measures such as monitoring software updates, critical system errors and virus definitions.  With no hourly costs, the large task of implementation and management of your system is no worry to you.

No Downtime

Any of these problems could require many hours or days of downtime and your IT provider’s time to fix. These problems can result in lost sales or decreased productivity which are often “hidden” technology expenses for small businesses. While it may not seem like such a big deal initially, the downtime associated with technology that is not working or working poorly can be a bigger expense than the repair and maintenance itself. The time your employees can’t do their job or your customers can’t reach you equals money and loyalty out the door.

24/7 Availability

Technology problems don’t always wait for a convenient time. To make sure your business can stay up and running at all hours, you should have an IT team that’s willing to do the same.  AZTechman responds fast and with urgent concern for your business uptime.  Your success is our success.

Patience & Ability to Answer Questions

Many times you have questions about how to use existing tools or implement new technologies.  AZTechman offers concerned, helpful and informative answers.  We stay abreast of current technologies so you are assured the most innovative, cost effective consultation and advice.

AZTechman managed IT services are the best way to keep a lid on costs and minimize technology downtime.