Better Cabling

Correct cable work ensures future adaptability, structural integrity, lower latency, lower interference and better overall performance. Planning your cable job correctly can save on unnecessary waste while meeting your present and long term goals. We have happy clients among surgical centers, fortune 500 infrastructures, multifamily structures, retail, medical offices, call centers and defense subcontractors. We bring this experience at a cost saving advantage to the small business as well.

Structured Cabling

Regain Control of Your Network

We troubleshoot, repair, optimize, monitor, maintain, backup, upgrade and secure computer, server, network or firewall.

We’re Affordable

As a Metro Phoenix valley tech firm, we keep our fees low and our service personal. We sympathize with the needs of smaller business owners who cannot justify hiring dedicated IT staff but cannot afford to have their systems down. With AZTechman you won’t pay exorbitant rates just to keep your systems up and running. We charge a flat hourly rate and offer managed services for a predictable monthly cost. We will dispatch a Tech to your doorstep on-demand and believe that 80% of common system problems can be resolved within one to two hours. Need a new custom built computer or network? We can handle that also. Let AZTechman be your new technology assurance! 

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